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NiSi M1 Ring Adapter 46-58


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Nisi M1 Ring Adapter 46-58

NiSi M1 Adapter Ring is the solution for every filter user. NiSi M1 Adapter Ring helps all lens in different size to be able to attach NiSi M1 Filter Holder 70mm. Made from aviaton-grade aluminium material, we ensure to give the best experience. With black matte finishing, NiSi M1 Adapter Ring feels and looks stylish with your lens. Designed to be used by amateur or professional photographer.


  • Attach NiSi M1 Adapter Ring first by rotating it on your lens, then attach NiSi M1 Filter Holder 70mm onto the Adapter Ring by pulling the screw on its side.
  • Easy to use, slide NiSi Square Filter into the slot and it’s ready to use.
  • Use the NiSi 100 System Storage Box to store the NiSi M1 Filter Holder 70mm and NiSi Square Filters 70mm System. Use NiSi Square Cleaning Eraser with premium-quality material to clean your filters without scratch.

Available NiSi M1 Adapter Ring sizes:

  • M1 Adapter Ring 37-58cm
  • M1 Adapter Ring 39-58cm
  • M1 Adapter Ring 40-58cm
  • M1 Adapter Ring 40.5-58cm
  • M1 Adapter Ring 43-58cm
  • M1 Adapter Ring 46-58cm
  • M1 Adapter Ring 49-58cm
  • M1 Adapter Ring 52-58cm
  • M1 Adapter Ring 55-58cm

NiSi M1 Adapter Ring is to be only used with NiSi M1 Filter Holder 100. NiSi M1 Adapter Ring should have the same diameter size with your lens’s diameter size*.

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NiSi M1 Ring Adapter 46-58

NiSi M1 Ring Adapter 46-58

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