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WINER Traveller Series TS-02


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WINER Traveller Series TS-02

Multifunctional Storage Design Wisdom
Ultra-lightweight water repellent nylon
Tripod fixed prop bags, retractable convenience
Independent Storage 9.7-inch Tablet


The perfect blend of live X photography, the ultimate lightweight WINER Traveler Series

WINER Traveler Series package, ultra-lightweight nylon as the main material, simple and smooth appearance, but without losing the overall professional quality extreme lightweight, water repellent material properties of wear-resistant, very suitable as a daily commute or travel use, multi-functional storage design wisdom, is mainly based on the storage needs or possible design changes, not only housed the camera equipment, personal belongings, and even flat can also be stored independently, both portable and practical.

Multifunction Wisdom storage space to meet all the needs of 

WINER Traveler Shoulder Bags TS 02 main storage space is divided into two layers, the upper main compartment empty pieces of equipment to protect the lower chamber, the lower the main design for removable shock-absorbing inner pocketgiving comprehensive protection devicesnot accommodating photographywhen the equipment can disassemble items will be used for general storage space, utilize strong.

Equipment cabin space capable of accommodating one machine and two mirrorsplus a flashing lightbackpack has a separate tablet within the storage space that can accommodate 9.7-inch laptop or tablet.

Extreme lightweight nylon material, wear water repellent

WINER Traveler Series package shall use specially selected extreme lightweightnylon Plaidafter high-profile special treatment, soft solid, with a neat and cleanappearance design, showing simple and elegant fashion sense of the future, the material has excellent water repellent properties can withstand splashing general life (Not fully waterproofprolonged exposure to liquid penetration is still possible).

Hidden tripod fixed drag bags, solid and stable housing

The camera bag hidden in the bottom of the sandwich stand carrying bag tow linepull and push quickdraw to quickly take advantage of fixed or demolitionany professional or portable tripod can be used, such as when not in use and then dragfixed you can let the camera bag in the back pocket sandwich maintain a simpleand neat appearance.

Professional carefully designedany possible needs are thought

WINER Traveler series included a separate section of the package designaccessory storage bag, you can put some of their belongingssuch as theinconvenience of carrying a camera bag when you can put accessories Storage baglightweight actionwhen not using the kit can be directly incorporated into thecamera bag folded inside not much waste any trace of space.


  • WINER Traveler Shoulder Bags TS 02
  • Model: Traveler TS 02
  • Color: blueblack
  • Properties: The APS-C ultra-lightweight travel tote
  • Material: ultra-lightweight nylon Plaid
  • Dimensions: 260 x 155 x 430 mm
  • Net weight: about 650g
  • Storage space:
  • Upper compartment space 220 x 180 x 135 mm
  • Lower protection equipment cabin 165 x 123 x 210 mm
  • Maximum load: 4.5 kg

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WINER Traveller Series TS-02

WINER Traveller Series TS-02

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