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WINER Traveller Series TB-02


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WINER Traveller Series TB-02

Multifunctional Storage Design Wisdom
Ultra-lightweight water repellent nylon
Front strap storage space
Independent 13-inch laptop storage space


WINER Traveler Backpack Bags TB 02

The perfect blend of live X photography , the ultimate lightweight WINER Traveler Series
WINER Traveler Series package, ultra- lightweight nylon as the main material , simple and smooth appearance, but without losing the overall professional quality extreme lightweight , water repellent material properties of wear-resistant , very suitable as a daily commute or travel use , multi-functional storage design wisdom , is mainly based on the storage needs or possible design changes , not only housed the camera equipment , personal belongings, and even laptop or tablet can be stored independently , both portable and practical.

Multifunction Wisdom storage space to meet all the needs of
WINER Traveler shoulder camera bag TB 02 main storage space is divided into two layers, the upper main compartment empty pieces of equipment to protect the lower chamber , the lower the main design for removable shock-absorbing inner pocket , giving comprehensive protection devices , not accommodating photography when the equipment can disassemble items will be used for general storage space , utilize strong.

Equipment cabin space capable of accommodating a machine with three mirrors plus a flash , laptop backpack with separate storage space can accommodate less than 13.3 -inch laptop or tablet , as detailed in the storage layer in soft fluff material, not only scratching the laptop better equipped wipe feature.

Pre- cache space is intimate design , quick and easy to use
Special front pocket of space that can be placed in cash, cell phones,
Lens cap or other potentially more often drawn belongings,
No longer need to put something to bring a backpack or a backhand down the storm
Difficult groping pockets easily pull pull the front space
Chain to access , fast and convenient.

Extreme lightweight nylon material , wear water repellent
WINER Traveler Series package shall use specially selected extreme lightweight nylon Plaid , after high-profile special treatment , soft solid , with a neat and clean appearance design , showing simple and elegant fashion sense of the future , the material has excellent water repellent properties can withstand splashing general life , but the case of case of rain or short exposure to water will recommend against the use of special raincoats rain , water repellent properties does not mean completely waterproof

Intimate decompression designed to avoid neck and shoulder the burden and discomfort generated

WINER Traveler shoulder camera bag TB 02 YKK developed jointly designed camera strap holder, as long as the strap hanging bracket above , even pat a walk all day long will not bear the weight and stiff neck pain.

Shoulder straps using a high pressure breathable material and straps widened when carrying comfort far more than usual after a large capacity backpack.

Professional carefully designed , any possible needs are thought
WINER Traveler series dedicated section of the package included a waterproof raincoat models , such as going out in case of bad weather can provide good protection for camera bags , to avoid getting wet in the rain infiltrated goods or equipment bag .
Separate admission package design accessories , some belongings can be placed , can mention the inconvenience when carrying the camera bag accessory storage bag lightweight action , when not using the kit can be directly incorporated into the fold inside the camera bag , not much waste any trace of space.

Hidden tripod fixed drag bags, solid and stable housing
The inner side of the mezzanine hidden camera bag tripod carrying bag tow line pull and push quickdraw to quickly take advantage of fixed or demolition , any professional or portable tripod can be used, such as when not in use and then drag fixed you can let the camera bag in the back pocket sandwich maintain a simple and neat appearance .


  • Brand : WINER
  • Name: Backpack Bags
  • Model : Traveler TB 02
  • Color: blue, black
  • Properties : APS-C ultra-lightweight travel backpack shoulders after
  • Material: ultra-lightweight nylon Plaid
  • Dimensions : 280 x 190 x 430 mm
  • Net weight : about 1220g
  • Storage space:
  • Upper compartment space 280 x 160 x 230 mm
  • Lower protection equipment cabin 260 x 180 x 110 mm
  • Maximum load : 6.5 kg

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WINER Traveller Series TB-02

WINER Traveller Series TB-02

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