Cullmann TITAN 935

Tripod with crank column
The two-part tripod completely made of aluminium impresses with its large tripod legs (34/29mm), the unique tripod operation and the self-locking centre column. With its dead weight the TITAN 935G guarantees jitter-free shots, no matter whether medium-format camera and high-speed telephoto lens, or a professional video camera with a heavy zoom lens. The attribute Made in Germany TITAN 935G the ideal workhorse for professionals and ambitious photographers/videographers.

Technicality details:

Max height: 162cm
Min height: 74cm
Packed dimension: 81cm
Stativh. eingf. MS: 118cm
Max tripod leg: 35cm
Carrying capacity: 21kg
Weight: 4250g

Suited to: Camera video, camera accessories and DSLR camera